Wall House Museum Jasper Johns Exhibition

Cultural Museum Renovation & Construction of an Art Exhibition in Gustavia

Total Re-Design & Upgrade
When SBIA (Saint Barth Island Art)—represented by Valentine de Badereau & Fergus McCaffrey—needed help in preparing a new exhibition at the Wall House museum Gustavia, they turned to a collaboration of architect Bill Katz and Xavier David who had, of course, been responsible for the historic renovation of the Wall House Museum in 1994.

The new exhibition of works from renowned Pop Art founder Jasper Johns required a total re-design and upgrading of the existing museum space. Katz provided the design and the team at Xavier David quickly organized and monitored the work within a tight two week project timeframe. 
Highlights of the completed work include:

  • Creation of exhibit furniture (including pedestals, partitions & picture frames) in accordance with the exhibition design and the heritage of Saint-Barthélemy.
  • Creation of a new lighting system.
  • Restoring operation of the air conditioning system.
  • Structural repair treatment of the Museum's capping beam.
  • Upgrading the Museum's fire safety systems to comply with current standards.
With the deadline met and the project judged a success, additional work is being studied for the Wall House Museum's courtyard. 
Project specifications
Design Architect Bill Katz
Construction Manager Bureau Xavier David
Project Location Gustavia, Saint-Barthélemy
Project Area 334 square meters (3, 600 square feet)
Project Year 2014
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