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Bureau Xavier David - Established 1985 - Saint-Barthélemy, French West Indies


Xavier David, Ingénieur de l'École des Travaux Publics (Engineer of Public Works) arrived from France in 1984 and has been a full-time resident of Saint-Barthélemy ever since.

Shortly thereafter, he utilized his education as a graduate of the Centre des Hautes Études de la Construction (Center for Advanced Studies of Construction) and established his own construction management office in Saint-Jean during 1985.

Since then, the office has grown beyond Xavier David himself and currently comprises seven engineers, one engineer/architect, four architects (both French and American), one designer and four administrative staff persons (accounting, management, etc. ).
St Barthelemy Airport
Building is always a challenge and often fraught with unpleasant surprises. Moreover, small Caribbean islands present additional obstacles to navigate such as a limited workforce, shipping nearly all materials from abroad, often working across multiple foreign languages and, of course, the annual hurricane season.

Through our extensive experience we have been able to develop the Xavier David Method™ of project oversight which is an evolved integration of Architecture, Engineering and Construction Management to provide near-seamless transition from the inspired conception of a project all the way through to the practical matters of construction completion while tackling the additional challenges of island life. 
In short, we've seen it all.
Xavier David - Services - Construction Management

Construction Management

More than 30 years of experience means that Bureau Xavier David knows how to deliver construction projects of all sizes on time and within budget. Construction Management is the core task of the firm. We have excellent longterm relationships on Saint Barthélemy with many contractors in order to ensure competitive prices and the highest quality of service. Likewise, the unique situation of working on an island has allowed the office to develop relationships with many off-island material suppliers, shipping companies, expeditors and consultants.

Water treatment Plant


Bureau Xavier David engineers have the experience and capability to over-see all of a project's technical requirements. Building codes, standards and safety concerns are only basic requirements for competent engineering.  Caribbean geography must be accounted for too as it is a seismically active tropical region with threats from earthquakes, tsunami, volcanoes and hurricanes.  Moreover, we continue to lead the island's technical progress, recently collaborating with electrician Alexandre Cassez and WAGO on a computer control system that maximizes the energy efficiency of a building.

Villa St Barth - Architecture


With variety of both professional experience and academic training, the architects of Bureau Xavier David have developed projects of a great variety of styles—from traditional Creole houses to contemporary design.  Prior to joining the team at Xavier David, the architects have collectively studied at the Schools of Architecture Paris La Villette and Paris Val de Seine and the Universities of Michigan, Houston & Melbourne. Previous professional experience includes work in France, Michigan, Massachusetts and Anguilla.

Villa St Barth - Other Services

Other Services

Although the core competencies of Bureau Xavier David are Construction Management, Engineering and Architecture, the nature of life within a small island community has allowed us to gain experience in a number of related fields. As such, we also are available for projects involving landscape design, interior design, post-occupancy building management and consultancy amongst others.