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Bureau Xavier David - Established 1985 - Saint-Barthélemy, French West Indies

The Xavier David Method™

Published by : Brian BUCHALSKI - 28/03/2020 , views : 2429
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Note:  This is the second article in a 6 part series explaining the services of Bureau Xavier David.  Previously a general overview of Construction Management.  Today, an explanation of the Xavier David Method™,  followed in upcoming weeks by four articles on the various phases of a project:

  1. Feasibility Analysis & Pre-Design Planning
  2. The Design Process
  3. The Construction Process
  4. Post-Construction Maintenance and Management


March 2020 Saint-Barthélemy — As we have previously defined Construction Management in the general sense, now an explanation of what distinguishes us :  the Xavier David Method™. 



Through our extensive experience building on St Barts, we have been able to develop the Xavier David Method™ of project oversight which is an evolved yet versatile integration of Architecture, Engineering and Construction Management to provide near-seamless transition from the inspired conception of a project all the way through to the practical matters of completing construction on-schedule and on-budget.  Holistic yet collaborative, the Xavier David Method™ is characterized by a pliable pragmatism in which details are negotiable while final results remain clear and concise.



Our versatile approach and nimble professionals can tailor our services to collaborate with outside professionals.  Many of our clients have invited their own designers (architects, interiors, landscape, lighting, etc.) to St Barts and these relationships result in mutual benefits for all parties.  The result is that St Barts not only has some of the best architecture in the world but some of the best of the world ;  from British colonial to New York modern.



Given the circumstances of a small island like St Barts, Bureau Xavier David has developed the capacity to provide all professional services from beginning to end of a building project, and even before & after.  Whereas Construction Management is primarily focused on the construction phase of building while becoming involved shortly after initial design planning, Bureau Xavier David also offers the services of architectural design & planning, including pre-design programming and feasibility analysis as well as conceptual and marketing advice (e.g., how to name a rental villa).  Additionally, upon completion of the building, assistance in post-occupancy management and ongoing maintenance becomes available.  These services can be especially useful to owners of rental villas who often live abroad.  Bureau Xavier David can offer them near turn-key service in the creation of not only their villa but also the business and branding aspects of it.


In the next four articles over the upcoming weeks, expect to find in-depth explanations of what one might expect during each phase of a project :

1-    Feasibility Analysis & Pre-Design Planning

2-    Design Process

3-    Construction Process

4-    Post-Construction Maintenance and Management



What is Construction Management?
What is Construction Management?

Note:  This is the initial article in a 6 part series...

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Feasibility Analysis and Pre-Design Planning

Note:  This is the third article in a 6 part series...

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