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Bureau Xavier David - Established 1985 - Saint-Barthélemy, French West Indies


Introduction to St Barts Building Regulations

Cultural Government Residential

February 2020 Saint-Barthélemy — Many dream of owning a place on St Barts and once that vision becomes a reality, tailoring the...

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St Barts Real Estate Calculator

Government Real Estate

Editor’s Note:  Original article updated to reflect the most recent changes to the calculations as per local Saint-Barthélemy...

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Why Does St Barts Look the Way That It Does ? Architectural History Part II : the City

Cultural Government Retail & Commercial

December 2022 Saint-Barthélemy — Having explored the various forces that have shaped the general countryside of St Barts, let’s now...

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Feature Project : Airplane Hangar


Note:  This is an article of an ongoing series of Feature Projects where we highlight the story of some of the most interesting...

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