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Bureau Xavier David - Established 1985 - Saint-Barthélemy, French West Indies

New website for La Baie Aux Fleurs launched.

Published by : Brian BUCHALSKI - 01/01/2016 , modified 01/12/2016 , views : 1655
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January 2016 Saint-Barthélemy — Our friends at La Baie Aux Fleurs have just launched a new website, now live online at www.labaieauxfleurs.com.

La Baie Aux Fleurs is nearly 10 acres of undeveloped land for sale on Saint Barthélemy.  To learn more or register enquiries, please visit labaieauxfleurs.com or write to info@labaieauxfleurs.com. Regarding the role of Xavier David in this project, let’s borrow the words of our friends:

Somewhat unique to Saint Barthélemy is a real estate situation in which land without a building permit from the local authority has lesser value. After all, why buy a property if you are uncertain whether or not the government will allow you to build on it? Fortunately, and for the sake of clarity, the current ownership of La Baie Aux Fleurs has retained the services of the construction managers, engineers, and architects from the highly respected local office of Xavier David to not only gain the necessary building permission but to also prepare the site for its timely realization as soon as the property changes hands.

The architects of Xavier David successfully attained the building permit by designing a villa that meets local regulations and guidelines (such as roof shape and "green vs. blue" building zones) while remaining sympathetic to the natural terrain and still managing to create a distinctive vision of organic modern architecture.

UPDATE:  Property sold.  Congratulations to our friends at La Baie Aux Fleurs. 



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